Making Roads Smarter with IRD Traffic Data Collection Tools

With the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting just around the corner and the topic of transportation data high on everyone’s list of discussion topics, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how IRD’s traffic data collection tools are helping transportation agencies make their roadways smarter.

Traffic data is the lifeblood of planning and managing transportation systems - a fundamental resource leveraged by Departments of Transportation (DOTs), municipalities, and other stakeholders. It’s crucial for understanding the patterns and dynamics of traffic, helping authorities improve road planning, manage traffic effectively, and enhance safety standards. IRD is a company that transforms these traffic data needs into viable solutions.

IRD offers data collection products that are as advanced as AI-enabled vehicle classification systems and as simple as tube counters for short-term traffic observations. For over 40 years, we’ve been providing our customers with reliable and accurate traffic data collection solutions.

Solving Traffic Challenges with Technology

IRD’s lineup presents a myriad of traffic data collection tools, each fine-tuned to meet the needs of traffic managers and engineers. We offer a variety of data collection tools, including in-pavement sensors, radar sensors, roadside electronics, video-based systems, and more. These systems can be used alone or together to provide accurate information that can be used for making decisions about road planning or traffic management.

Traffic_Counter_Store_Products-1Many of IRD’s Data Collection Products are Listed on

Vehicle Counts and Classification

Companies looking for a basic and portable solution for traffic count data can turn to IRD's traffic counters and classifiers. These devices assist in both temporary and permanent traffic studies by capturing vehicle volume, speed, class, and even WIM from piezo sensors. Lightweight, secure, and user-friendly, these tools are essential in providing quick and accurate traffic insights.

Road_Tube_Counting_TRS_ClassifierBattery/Solar-powered Traffic Counters are Ideal for Temporary Traffic Studies

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts

IRD’s Icoms sensors provide a nonintrusive option for counting bicycles and pedestrians, the TMA-3B3. This versatile counter comes in a variety of enclosures, including a 'Totem' version that contains the sensor, the battery, the modem, and the solar panel in an all-in-one elegant coated stainless steel casing, making it easy to install, robust, and fully autonomous.


Non-Intrusive Video-Based Vehicle Classification

IRD takes a leap into the future by incorporating AI into its traffic management solutions. Leveraging AI facilitates accurate nonintrusive vehicle classification, advancing road management and planning.

IRD's iTHEIA is a video-based AI solution that performs vehicle counting and classification without the need to upload video for third-party processing. With support for FHWA's 13-class scheme, iTHEIA provides high-definition insight into the traffic flow, thus enabling more informed decision-making for traffic management professionals.

iTHEIA_Video-Based_AI_Traffic_Classifier_Software-1iTHEIA’s Intuitive Interface

Custom Reporting and Analysis

IRD’s services don’t just end at hardware. They extend towards customized Enterprise Traffic Data Reporting services to ensure efficient management of the collected traffic records. The service allows stakeholders to create custom data reports, keeping them accurately informed about the current status and trends on their roads.

IRD offers highly customizable cloud-based solutions for data reporting and a full range of services to provide data in special formats for integration with other systems. Our data analysts can even provide custom traffic data analytics as a service.

World Leading Transportation Intelligence

Given the increasing importance of traffic data in the era of smart cities, IRD stands out as a leading choice for traffic data collection products. Renowned for bridging advanced technology solutions with practical needs, we continue to be a global leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems. We maintain a commitment to integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into our solutions and delivering unmatched transportation intelligence.

Whether agencies are looking for simple tube counters for traffic studies or advanced AI systems for vehicle classification, IRD sets the standard for innovative and effective traffic solutions.

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